Michael Bennett (Producer / Director/Choreographer) has choreographed Promises, Promises, Coco, Company, Follies (which he codirected with Hal Prince) and Seesaw (which he also wrote and directed). In 1973 he made his debut as a dramatic director with Twigs, which starred Sada Thompson. A Chorus Line, which he conceived, choreographed and directed, won nine Tony Awards. In 1976 he and the other authors of A Chorus Line were awarded the Pulitzer Prize for drama. In 1979 he produced, directed and choreographed Ballroom, which was nominated for eight Tony Awards and won Mr. Bennett his sixth Tony Award.

Bennett never created another musical. He worked on a musical called Scandal (workshops starred Swoosie Kurtz) and the original London production of Chess. He died from complications with AIDS in 1987, within days of the Dreamgirls revival opening on Broadway.