Ben Harney (Curtis Taylor Jr. / Curtis Taylor Jr. / Curtis Taylor Jr.) is celebrating his 10th anniversary on Broadway. The musical theatre has been his first romance since childhood, Dreamgirls is also Mr. Harney's 10th Broadway credit, the others include Ain't Misbehavin', the Tinman in The Wiz, the Leading Player (Ben Vereen's Tony-winning role) in Pippin, Brainchild with Michel Legrand and Hal David, Don't Bother Me I Can't Cope, Pajama Game with Barbara McNair, Purlie and Zodzetrick in Scott Joplin's opera Tremonisha. In addition to touring with several national companies of these productions, he has appeared frequently in television series, musical specials and commercials. In 1980 Mr. Harney accepted the opportunity to join a workshop directed by Michael Bennett that ultimately developed into Dreamgirls. Mr. Harney is a Christian and a family man. He insists that all he is and has is due to the grace of God.

Ben is now teaching ghetto youth the joys of theatre in New Jersey.