The following is the song listing for the two-disc edition of the soundtrack.

Disc One:
"I'm Lookin' for Something"
"Goin' Downtown"
"Takin' the Long Way Home"
"Fake Your Way to the Top"
"Big" (Instrumental)
"Cadillac Car"
"Steppin' to the Bad Side"
"Love You I Do"
"I Want You Baby"
"It's All Over"
"And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going"

Disc Two:
"I'm Somebody"
"When I First Saw You"
"I Am Changing"
"Perfect World"
"I Meant You No Harm"/"Jimmy's Rap"
"Lorrell Loves Jimmy"/"Family" (Reprise)
"Step On Over"
"I Miss You Old Friend"
"Effie, Sing My Song" (*Bonus Track)
"One Night Only"
"One Night Only" (Disco)
"Hard to Say Goodbye"
"Dreamgirls" (Finale)
"Curtain Call"
"Family" (End Title)
"When I First Saw You" (Duet)
"One Night Only" (Dance Mix/*Bonus Track)
"And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" (Dance Mix/*Bonus Track)
"Patience" (Composer Demo/*Bonus Track)