News Articles


'Dreamgirls' Play Is Born Again On Broadway
by Sylvia P. Flanagan (unknown publication)

<i>Dreamgirls</i>, A Musical, Is Revived
by Frank Rich (New York Times)

Dreamin' and Truckin'
by Clive Barnes (New York Post)

The Dream is Back ñ And Better
by Howard Kissel (New York Daily News)

<i>Dreamgirls</i> takes the high road home
by Jack Curry (USA Today)

<i>Dreamgirls</i> shows its enduring appeal
by John Beaufort (Christian Science Monitor)

Bennett Remains <i>Dreamgirls</i> Star
by Douglas Watt (New York Daily News)

by John Simon (New York)

It's A Lot Like Greek
by unknown author (America)