Original Broadway Cast - great recording by the irreplaceable original Broadway cast. Sadly, only 45 minutes is preserved. There are lingering rumors that there is unreleased material stashed away in a vault...but it has yet to surface. [Buy It]

2001 Concert Cast - complete recording of the show. This recording was done live the night of the concert. While it can never take the place of the near-perfect original Broadway cast performances, it is complete and shows the score off well. [Buy It]

Soundtrack (Collectors' Edition) - complete soundtrack for the film version. [Buy It]

Soundtrack (Single-Disc Edition) - highlights from the soundtrack for the film version. [Buy It]


Broadway Cast (August 1985) - taped at the Imperial Theatre for the Theatre on Film and Tape Collection. Viewable at Lincoln Center. However, you MUST get permission from Michael Bennett's estate to view it. It's not viewable by the public. This permission is rarely given and you need good reason to get that permission.

1982 Tony Awards - the final scene of Act One (somewhat cut) was performed for the broadcast. Viewable at the Museum of Television and Radio in New York.