SCENE 1: The Apollo Theatre

I'm Looking for Something - The Stepp Sisters
Goin' Downtown - Little Albert and the Tru-Tones
Takin' the Long Way Home - Tiny Joe Dixon
Move (You're Steppin' on My Heart) - The Dreamettes
Fake Your Way to the Top - Jim Early, The Jimmy Early Band, The Dreamettes
Cadillac Car - Curtis, Jimmy, C.C., Marty and The Company

SCENE 2: On the road

Cadillac Car - Company

SCENE 3: A recording studio

Cadillac Car - Company

SCENE 4: Limbo

Cadillac Car - Dave and the Sweethearts
Steppin' to the Bad Side - Curtis, C.C., Jimmy, Wayne, Marty, The Dreamettes and the Company

SCENE 5: A hotel in St. Louis

Party, Party - Company

SCENE 6: Miami Beach

I Want You Baby - Jimmy and The Dreamettes

SCENE 7: Dressing room in the Atlantic Hotel

Family - C.C., Curtis, Jimmy, Deena, and Lorrell

SCENE 8: Cleveland

Dreamgirls - Dreams
Press Conference - Company
Only the Beginning - Curtis, Deena and Effie

SCENE 9: A TV Studio

Heavy - Dreams

SCENE 10: San Francisco

Heavy - Dreams and Curtis

SCENE 11: Las Vegas (backstage)

Drivin' Down the Strip - Jimmy
It's All Over - Effie, Deena, Lorrell, C.C., Michelle, and Jimmy
And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going - Effie

SCENE 12: Las Vegas (on stage)

Love Love You Baby - Deena Jones and the Dreams


SCENE 1: Las Vegas Hilton

Dreamgirls - The Dreams and Company

SCENE 2: Chicago nightclub

I Am Changing - Effie

SCENE 3: Vogue Magazine photo call

One More Picture Please - Company
When I First Saw You - Curtis and Deena

SCENE 4: National Democratic fundraiser

Got to Be Good Times - Four Tuxedos
Ain't No Party - Lorell and Jimmy
I Meant You No Harm - Jimmy
Quintette - Deena, Lorrell, C.C., Michelle and Jimmy
The Rap - Jimmy, C.C., Marty, Curtis, Frank, Lorrell and The Company

SCENE 5: A Chicago recording studio

I Miss You Old Friend - Effie, Marty, C.C. and Les Styles
One Night Only - Effie

SCENE 6: Los Angeles

One Night Only - Deena Jones & The Dreams and The Company

SCENE 7: Chicago

I'm Somebody - Deena Jones and The Dreams
Chicago - Curtis, Mr. Morgan, Marty, C.C., Effie, and Frank

SCENE 8: New York

Hard to Say Goodbye, My Love - Deena Jones and The Dreams
Dreamgirls - Deena and The Dreams